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“Breaking Barriers: Unveiling the Untold Saga of the First South Asians in BC (1907)” Introduction: Canada’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity is woven with threads of countless stories, some of which remain shrouded in the mists of time. Among these narratives stands the compelling story of the first South Asians who arrived in British Columbia […]

TV Series Mirch Masale

“Spicing Up Life in the True North: Mirch Masale, the Hilarious TV Series by Redneck Films Inc.” Introduction: Get ready to embark on a rib-tickling journey with Redneck Films Inc.’s latest venture, “Mirch Masale,” an upcoming TV series that promises to redefine comedy. Produced and directed by the creative genius Goldie Dhillon, this show introduces […]

Feature Film Vadda Ghar

Welcome, film enthusiasts, to the exciting world of Redneck Films Inc.’s latest cinematic masterpiece – “Vadda Ghar.” This Punjabi feature film promises to be a captivating blend of talent, culture, and a transcontinental narrative that spans both the vibrant landscapes of India and the picturesque beauty of Canada. Stellar Cast: “Vadda Ghar” boasts a star-studded […]